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After growing up in the streets, facing death and devastation in prison, a courageous young tribesman is about to break the circle of misery, by building a village for dreamers together with his rural Ghanaian community.


“Midst of Abundance” tells the story of Clement waking up in prison after an attempted suicide in the streets of Ghana. It is the journey of his path from poverty and hopelessness towards creating opportunities for societal progress of the rural youth in the region. Clement reveals a mysterious world of tribes, black magic and his life philosophy, he takes us into an African story, directed by the people’s spirit and the continent itself.   Images and sound unobtrusively draw attention to the circumstances of the Ghanaian people without operating on clichés. The movie does not classify, instead it leaves Clement the power to unravel his experiences. Superstition, disease and poverty turns into a lesson about the importance of education, hope and dreams.

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Above all, the process of finding the appropriate perspective for our work, is the process of embodying an attitude, instead of any technical approach. When Midst of Abundance was shot, we didn't know much about making movies. In fact, the only rule on set was that nobody was allowed to get Malaria. That attitude was the only thing that helped us survive the ups and downs of an independently, 100 percent self-produced movie.


At the beginning of our journey to Ghana, next to a hotel complex near Kamina, three young men, an old Rastafarian and a pack of dogs were laying under a coconut tree. As we approached the gathering, a conversation unfolded. We found out about the circumstances of the men, who also lived on the street like our protagonist Clement had. Michael asked if we could help in any way, like getting the group food and water from the hotel. The Rastafarian seemed unimpressed and answered bluntly: “We are waking up with the sun and we are going to bed with the sun. We are hungry today and we will be hungry tomorrow. These young guys know how to survive better than I do and surely, better than you guys do, but what they're really lacking here is some perspective in life. Tell me, can you provide that?”  
Michael did not sleep that night. It was the first of many following nights in Ghana and from this moment on we knew that if we wanted to make this movie about Clement worth something: We had to find a way to also make it worth it for them. We needed to find a perspective which people around the world, but most importantly, young Africans would be inspired by. An authentic viewpoint and story about one man as an example for redefining the meaning of his African dream. 

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